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 Hey, wazup y'all?

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PostSubject: Hey, wazup y'all?   Wed Apr 14, 2010 7:52 am


Just wanted to say hello, and few things about my self.
First off, Destorm you F****** rock man!!!

So, some info about me eh? Well im a 20 year old simple dude from Sweden. Im really in to graphic work in all of it's shapes and sizes.
Makeing some videos in AE and wallpapers etc in Photoshop. And yeah, i love music. I can't live without it, and it plays in my house 24/7, yeah even when im off to bed i listen to music... I listen mostly on Metal, Rock, Hardstyle and a few RnB artist such as MJ. And your cover on his song is one of the best covers iv ever seen, if not THE best.

So keep up the good work Destorm!

/// Ness
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Hey, wazup y'all?
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